About DIA

Founded in 1970 to eliminate the barriers of discrimination against people with disabilities

Quick Facts

Founded by Judy Heumann

"Nothing about us, without us!"

One-Step Campaign began in 1991

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50 years of experience

We are committed to ending disability discrimination

Founded in 1970 as a democratic, non-profit, tax-exempt membership organization. We consist primarily of and are directed by people with disabilities. We live and go by our motto "Nothing about us, without us!"

DIA, fights for equal rights and the elimination of the physical and attitudinal barriers that prevent us from enjoying full equality in American society. Our advocacy efforts are cross-disability. This means we are, and stand with individuals with physical, mental and sensory disabilities. As self-advocates we speak for our issues as fully equal members of the American public.

Our Mission

Nothing about us, without us!

Disabled In Action is a civil rights organization committed to ending discrimination against people with disabilities - all disabilities.

Our goal is to help raise consciousness among people with and without disabilities. We work to enact and enforce effective legislation and budget initiatives promotiong our ability to live equally and independently.

We Get Things Done

We pride ourselves on getting the job done so that individuals are not discriminated against for their disabilities

Our History

Disabled In Action came together as a result of a young woman's fight against employment discrimination. In 1970, Judy Heumann wanted to start her career as a school teacher but the New York City Board of Education told her that people who use wheelchairs can't teach.

Our Accomplishments

In our 50 years, DIA has compiled an impressive list of accomplishments. While we are based in New York City, our victories in transportation services and access have set a standard nationwide.

Our Governance

DIA is a democratic, grassroots membership organization. We are activist self-advocates and our members and leadership are primarily people with disabilities.

donations help provide

equality for all, we strive for that

All donations are used to help with the support of our cause and bettering the needs of all that need it. We take donations from as small as $1 to $75. Or you can join our membership program as well.