Meeting Schedule

DIA's Monthly General Meetings

General membership meetings are held monthly at the

  • Selis Manor Auditorium
  • 135 West 23rd Street
  • New York City

We schedule our meetings for the third week of the month but avoid conflicts with holidays and major events. If you live in the New York metropolitan area, please attend our general membership meetings.

Meeting Schedule 2020-2021

  • No Meetings are Scheduled

  • Future Meetings
    to be announced

If a DIA meeting is cancelled because of bad weather, it will be announced on DIA website on Saturday night or by calling the DIA answering machine at 646-504-4DIA. Call 30 minutes after sundown on Saturday.

All DIA meetings are open to the public and are wheelchair accessible. We require that all attendees refrain from smoking, wearing any fragrance or carrying anything that beeps as these are all harmful to some of our members and guests. An assistive listening device is available at meetings. A sign language interpreter is available upon request.

Agenda for the Next Meeting

donations help provide

equality for all, we strive for that

All donations are used to help with the support of our cause and bettering the needs of all that need it. We take donations from as small as $1 to $75. Or you can join our membership program as well.