Our Founders

The people who got things started

A proposed page with postings about Judy Heumann, Bobbie Linn, Denise McQuaid, Pat Figuroa and others

The people who created Disabled In Action were determined to have meaningful productive lives and resolute in removing the physical and attitudinal barriers that stood in their way. The tenacity of their actions was remarkable and should be a model for us today. This page will tell their stories.

Judy Heumann

Disabled In Action came together as a result of a young woman’s fight against employment discrimination. In 1970, Judy Heumann was a recent graduate of Long Island University. She wanted to use that freshly printed diploma to start her career as a school teacher but the New York City Board of Education told her that people who use wheelchairs can’t teach.


Pat Figueroa was a peer who had no peers. He was one of the nation’s most inspiring, innovative leaders of the disability rights and Independent Living movements for more than four decades.

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