DIA's committee structure; teams combining their skills and energies

DIA Committees
Disability covers a wide range of human conditions. In order to effectively advocate for people with varied and different disabilities and their issues, DIA has a adopted a system of committees.

Committees are a way to share the workload and divide responsibility. DIA has defined itself as a cross-disability, self-advocacy organization. This means we seek the participation of people with physical, mental and sensory disabilities who want their voices heard. The incredible diversity that exists in the disability community means that there is a wide range of issues we need to cover. Committees are teams of members who focus their efforts on a defined set of goals and objectives.

Forming Committees
A committee can be formed by one or more DIA members. A new committee must choose a Chair (leader / spokesperson) and create a document that states the committee’s goals and objectives. This document can be a simple bullet point list. The new committee must then be approved by the board or general membership.

Committee Rights and Responsibilities
Once formed, a committee has the ability to do its work as representatives of DIA, including talking to the press, elective officials and the general public. The committee’s work must adhere to its goals and objectives. Those Goals and objectives can change ove time with the approval of the board or general membership.

Committees are responsible to report their work and progress to the board or general membership monthly, at DIA meetings. If a committee has not done any work for three months, it will be considered inactive and disbanded

outreach committee

The Outreach Committee seeks to expand DIA’s connections to individuals and like minded organizations.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee will monitor and manage DIA’s finances and the activities of treasurer. It will also deal with fund raising and grant writing.

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