The OneStep Campaign

  • by DIA - NYC | 08 Jun 2020

The OneStep Campaign

The History of OneStep:
The OneStep Campaign was created in 1992 by members of DIA. The objective was to promote access to small businesses that had one step and other barriers that were blocking entry such as narrow aisles. OneStep was developed with the help of the New York City Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). The program became a system where OneStep referrals were gathered by DIA and submitted to the city’s Human Rights Commission. A representative of CCHR would then visit the business in question and try to resolve the access problem.

The original OneStep Campaign was effective and got a lot of small businesses to accommodate mobility impaired customers. OneStep worked well because the Human Rights Commission had a (virtually) dedicated staff working on access issues and DIA maintained a phone line to take OneStep complaints.

A New & Revised OneStep Campaign?
Our goal, moving forward, is to create a grassroots program where advocates will work in their own neighborhoods with local businesses to seek solutions and create access. The message Onestep wants to send is that accessibility is good for business. It invites new customers and tells the community that you care about everyone in the neighborhood. While we understand that full access may not always be possible, business owners must be informed that they are legally required to “reasonably accommodate” people with disabilities.

OneStep is Part of a Team
There are many people, organizations and government agencies that want to improve access in New York City. The OneStep Campaign wants to get back in the game and lend a hand as the voice of the people directly effected by places that aren’t accessible.

We are looking for people who want to make their neighborhoods, as well as the city, more accessible. Part of being an effective advocate is understanding your rights and knowing the law. The OneStep program wants to train and educate its participants and support them as they connect with the places where access is needed. We need folks with disabilities to become active in their communities. Its the only way change really happens.

To get involved:
Call: (718) 853-8171 (leave you contact info) or